Natural granite cube stone and other types of the granite are mostly used in hard ground landscaping. Granite, granite cube stone, granite plate, granite bordüre, granite gutter, granite block are the stones that are mostly used in landscape practices and natural stone projects.

Granite Cube Stone

Granite is formed in landscaping works with solid and lasting structure for many years, as natural  crashed granite, as water cutting and knife cutting in hard landscaping applications. Olympos landscaping, which has been producing its own granite quarries for fifteen (15) years, supplies natural granite and granite cube stones to domestic and foreign customers, companies and municipalities as well as official institutions.

Olympos Natural Stone, which shapes granites with modern and advanced cutting and crushing tools and pack them in desired sizes and sizes, are indispensable for customers both at home and abroad. As Olympos Natural Stone, we  could produce granite cubic stones  the desired size but the most commonly used granites are 4 x 6 x 6 granite cubic stone, 6 x 8 x 8 granite cubic stone and 8 x 10 x 10 granite cubic stone. In these dimensions, any distortion or chromatic aberration  aren’t occured.

Natural stone

Olympos Maden is proud of being a company for being leader  with its high  quality workmanship and products among its competitors and for renewing its machineries.

Olympos Granite

Another feature of Olympos that always takes one step further than other granite competitors is that both they could sell natural stone to customers and perform  the applications special to the their projects. You can contact for your natural stone and landscaping applications. We present our professional architects and teams as a solution partner to you.

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